Land Records

The Monroe County Clerk serves as the County Recorder of Deeds. The County Clerk maintains a record of all deeds, mortgages, releases, judgments, leins, and plats.

The County Clerk and Recorder cannot provide legal advice regarding the creation of land records. Please contact a licensed attorney for assistance.

Eletronic Index

The Monroe County Clerk maintains an eletronic index of all records going back to 1952. The index is available to the public at no charge. There is a cost to print a copy of a record remotely.

Records from 1984 to Present

Records from 1984 to Present are available at this website - Mortgage documents go back to 1995. Releases go back to 2002. Deeds are available back to 1984. Choose Monroe County from the dropdown box. You will need to create a username and password to access the website.

Deed Records from 1952 to 1984

Grantor/Grantee index books and digital copies of books/pages are avilable through this website - Users will need to setup a username and password. There is no monthly subscription cost. Users only pay when they print. The cost to print is $1.50/page.